Wine Safari December 20, 2014 Magnolia Vineyards

Magnolia Vineyards

Magnolia Winery 1The December 20th Safari continues. We left Narmada and saw a small sign on the side of the road for Magnolia Vineyards so naturally we had to check it out. After a short ride on a scenic country road we reached Magnolia and were greeted by Glenn the owner and his faithful sidekick Maggie, short for Magnolia, the wonder dog.

Magnolia Winery 2

This is a new winery and is not listed on the 2014 Virginia Winery Guide but will be on the 2015. Glenn did the tasting for us, his wife Tina was having a tasting for another group of people.

Magnolia Winery - Glenn 5

The Wines

Magnolia Winery 9

(The wine descriptions are from the web site. The rating system is: 1- not for me to 5 – fantastic. This blog is not intended to be a critical review of the wines or the winery, just our opinion)

2011 Viognier – Made from estate grown Viognier and hand harvested the morning of Hurricane Irene, this wine is crisp and light with aromas of rose petals and citrus and notes of honeysuckle.  Aged 9 months in stainless steel.  A very limited production run.

Safari Guide 1 – Crisp, light wine, very enjoyable. Rating 3+

Safari Guide 2 – A little tart. Rating 3

2013 Viognier – Our 2013 Viognier is crisp and light with a pleasurable grapefruit nose.  Aged unoaked for 10 months in stainless steel, the palate matured agreeably from a bold grapefruit presence to a more mild citrusy mix with charming overtones of apple. Boasting more body than our previous Viognier, this wine will be enjoyable on it’s own or paired with almost any light fare.

Safari Guide 1 – Mild buttery mouth. Rating 3+

Safari Guide 2 – Has a little complexity to it. Rating 3+

2012 Black Walnut White – The 2012 Black Walnut White is made from 100% Traminette grapes dry fermented in stainless steel in classic Chablis style.  It boasts hints of floral and citrus on the nose.  The pleasant, refreshing flavor makes this a great “every day” wine!

Safari Guide 1 – Being a fan of Traminette, this was a good wine for Guide 1. Rating 4

Safari Guide 2 –Nice sweet start and dry finish. Rating 4

2011 Cabernet Franc – Light with hints of clove on the nose, fruit forward, with spice and black pepper on the finish.   The 2011 is 75% estate grown Cabernet Franc, with 12.5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 12.5% Merlot.  Aged 9 months with light American and French oak.   Great on its own for a picnic red or with your favorite light dishes.

Safari Guide 1 – Light spicy, peppery finish, nice. Rating 3

Safari Guide 2 – Mellow taste with a peppery finish. Rating 4

2012 Cabernet Franc Reserve – More rich and vibrant than the 2011, the deep red color and bold nose with some allspice are precursors to the fruit forward and long mouth finish of earthy tones and spicy pepper.  Aged 9 months with light American and French oak, this wine is great with your favorite meat dishes, while still not overpowering lighter fare.

Safari Guide 1 – Bold, with a peppery finish. Rating 3

Safari Guide 2 – Has a cherry mouth with a light pepper finish. Rating 4+

2011 Hawkins Run Red – Hawkins Run is a stream that eventually feeds into the Rappahannock River and borders our property on two sides.  It is believed to have been named for  Colonel Rush C. Hawkins, who commanded the 9th New York Volunteers – “Hawkins’ Zouaves“ – which were active in our area during the Civil War.

This red table wine, made in a classic Bordeaux style, is a blend of 47.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 47.5% Merlot, and 5% Cabernet Franc.  An up-front wine with lavender and a hint of licorice on the nose and black cherry and nutmeg on the finish.  Aged 9 months with light American and French oak.

Safari Guide 1 – Mild Tannins taste, Rating 3

Safari Guide 2 – Nice cherry finish Rating 3

2012 Hawkins Run Red – This red table wine, made in a classic Bordeaux style, has the potential to become one of our finest offerings.  Rich, vibrant color, a tantalizing nose combining light floral tones of lavender and jasmine with bolder traits of licorice and leather, features a flavor that’s black cherry forward with a velvety finish rich with black currant, plum and vanilla.  The 2012 Hawkins Run Red sports a redesigned label including “Olie” and “Maggie”, our winery dogs adopted from the Rappahannock shelter and $1 from each bottle sale of ANY vintage of HRR will be donated to the shelter.

Safari Guide 1 – Heavier Tannins taste, so not good for Guide 1, this is definitely a red wine drinkers wine. Rating 3

Safari Guide 2 – Like this one a little better. Rating 4

If you are in the area you should stop by for a visit with Glenn and Tina, they are very friendly people and it is a very nice winery. The tastings are $5.00 per person and you can learn more at

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